Inder’s Quick Win #002: Dating with Chronic Illness

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As a true romantic I love to date. But who wants to date when you can just about get out of bed right?

If the thought of a date exhausts you it’s probably not the right time, although I would challenge that in some people.

If you sit on the lighter end of the spectrum, the right partner can help you reconnect to the rapture of life.

In a previous article, I talk about assembling your ‘health dream team‘ and I can certainly say, my girlfriends were apart of my health dream team.

I am very grateful because they helped me re-frame negative thoughts and focus on what I could do instead of what I couldn’t.

Having said that, dating and relationships, can be a massive drain on energy, so make sure you know your limits and don’t be afraid to be honest and ‘cut the cord’ (which is easier said than done).

‘Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind’.

Bernard Baruch
Protection against rejection

Rejection and break ups have the potential to catalyse setbacks in your journey, so my advice is to maintain awareness of your thoughts and feelings and make sure you break the negative ones if you are dumped.

As a wise lady once told me our relationships are like revolving doors. People can come into our lives for five minutes, five days or five years but they all come to teach us something.

Being more than easily enough

I remember going on my first date since becoming unwell. I was really scared of not being enough. I didn’t have a job and I wasn’t ‘100%’ (whatever that means).

Before the date, my mentor and the man who helped get me better, told me “Inder you are more than easily enough” and a wave of peace came over me.

She later became my girlfriend.

So believe that you are more than easily enough and have fun!

Don’t worry about the rest.

Wishing you well on your path to health,


Inder Singh Virdi BA (Hons) mBANT

I'm a nutritional therapist specialising in brain health and chronic fatigue syndrome. My goal is to help people achieve their dreams through optimised brain health and helping alleviate ‘invisible issues’ that people with chronic health issues often face.


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