What is Nutritional Therapy?

A lot of confusion exists about what nutritional therapy is and the differences between a nutritional therapist, nutritionist and dietician. Hopefully your questions will be answered here.

Nutritional therapy is the practice of utilizing personalized dietary and lifestyle interventions to support health and wellbeing.

That’s a mouthful I know…

As a nutritional therapist my goal is to identify the root cause of your condition and support health through diet, lifestyle and supplemental interventions. 

Supported by the scientific research nutritional therapists will aim to use therapeutic levels of vitamins and minerals to achieve optimal health. 

Nutritional therapists are holistic practitioners recognising the interconnectedness of all our systems, thoughts and emotions.

Moreover, nutritional therapists recognize the influence of our diet, environment, genes and microbiota on our health. 

To understand more about what recommendations see how it works.

Are you a dietician or nutritionist?



Dieticians mainly work in the NHS, ensuring adequate patient nutrition in acute disease as set out by Public Health England, BAPEN and BDA frameworks. Dieticians often reference the eatwell plate when advising you

Having worked in the NHS, nobody appreciates the work of dietetics in acute medical settings more than myself…they do amazing work. 


Nutritionists utilise their knowledge of the science of food to help people make the right choices about what they eat. A nutritionist will typically focus exclusively on diet.

Nutritionists maybe registered with the Association for Nutrition.

The title is not protected by law and anybody attending a 4-week course can call themselves a nutritionist.

Nutritional therapists

As a nutritional therapist we are clinically trained for three years and must attend frequent continuing professional development to develop our knowledge base.

Nutritional therapists are increasingly joining GP practices around the UK to help address lifestyle related diseases. 

For your peace of mind, ensure your nutritional therapist is a member of BANT and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the professional body supported by the government. 

Wishing you well on your path to health,