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As the temperature begins to drop, the chances are at some point many people will catch a cold or flu.

Even though most of the time, a cold or flu will pass within a few days to a couple weeks naturally, I have devised a set of remedies that have reduced the intensity of symptoms and allowed me to get back to work.

Note: If you take the remedies as soon as you notice symptoms (no matter how subtle) the virus will be less likely to replicate and become symptomatic.

1. Grated Ginger Tea

Pour approximately 700 mls of water into a pan and grate one to two fresh ginger roots (preferably organic due to higher concentrations of phenolic compounds).

Bring the solution to a boil and quickly remove from the heat. Add 1-2 tablespoons of organic honey and add 3-4 slices of lemon peel (the highest concentration of Vitamin C and other nutrients is in the peel).

Add to a thermos flask and drink one cup every one to two hours. Make sure to drink warm or hot.

2. Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbate or Liposomal Vitamin C)

Take one gram of Magnesium Ascorbate powder or capsules and then 500mg every 2-3 hours for 24 hours. Drop down to 500mg three times per day for three days. Then 500mg once per day until symptoms improve.

I’ve recently started using Liposomal Vitamin C from Goldman Laboratories. I’ve found liposomal nutrients can be a gimmick but the Goldman Vitamin C is truly excellent.

If using this, take one gram in the morning and 500mg with lunch and dinner for three days. Drop down to 500mg per day until symptoms improve.

3. Vitamin D with K2

Take 25,000IU spread evenly throughout the day for two days. Drop down to 10,000IU for 5 days. 5,000IU for remaining time of symptoms.

Note: Ideally take a combination of D, K2 and A as they work synergistically and raise the toxicity threshold. I like a product called Vitamin D3 Complete.

4. Zinc Citrate

25-50mg with Breakfast and Dinner.

Note: Doesn’t have to be citrate. I also like a product called Zn-Zyme which is a combination of Citrate and Gluconate which maximises absorption and efficacy.

Optional Extras

1. Humic Acid

Take one with each meal.

2. Dr Dietrich Klinghardt’s Herbal Liposomal Solution

Mix 100mls of water with 45 drops of Andrographis plus, 14 grams of Vitamin C powder (preferably magnesium ascorbate) and two tablespoons of microphones in a blender for 30 seconds. Store in fridge and sip through the day.

The Herbal tinctures can be found from and vitamin C powder from BioCare.

Note: This article is not substitute for medical advice. Please speak to your GP before using especially if you are pregnant or breast feeding, have been prescribed blood thinners such as warfarin, blood pressure medications, immunosuppressants or anti-depressants. Do not take if you suffer from gastritis, stomach ulcers or epilepsy.

Inder Singh Virdi BA (Hons) mBANT

I'm a nutritional therapist specialising in brain health and chronic fatigue syndrome. My goal is to help people achieve their dreams through optimised brain health and helping alleviate ‘invisible issues’ that people with chronic health issues often face.


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